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Denver SEO Consulting


Leslie Handmaker is a Denver based SEO and online marketer. Her focus is on on-page optimization and contextual link building. She is well versed in optimizing pages which incorporate best practices for keyword research, title tags and H1 tags.  She understands the importance of creating valuable content which can bring organic traffic for both head term and long tail keywords and key phrases.   Leslie is available to supplement in-house SEO efforts or as a contract resource for SEO agencies.


  • Strategic competitor analysis to identify opportunities to bring in organic visitors for products and services with targeted keywords and key phrase terms
  • Managing grass root link building campaigns including guest posting and online PR to obtain links on VERY HIGH quality news sites.
  • Researching keyword opportunities, both local and national, that produce a valuable ROI for SEO campaigns.
  • Managing web site content to ensure content is both reflective of the company brand and optimized to bring in organic visitors.
  • Monitoring and reporting duplicate content to prevent content scraping from having a negative affect on an SEO campaign.
  • Analytic reporting including metrics of organic revenue as well as brand and non-brand traffic.
  • Monitoring Google Webmaster Tools to ensure proper indexing and successful crawls.
  • Project management including breaking down massive projects into manageable tasks and working with other departments to ensure all deadlines are met.
  • Sourcing vendors and filtering through the sales pitches to find solutions that fit.
  • Market research including competitive analysis, pricing comparisons, and data collection.
  • QA testing and reviewing new websites and pages for functionality and usability.


  • Bachelor of Science, Major: Marketing – University of Colorado